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NetObjects Web Design PlaceholderLINCOLN—WHAT DOES this word mean to you?

To sophomores it stands for that beautiful school with its huge tower and rolling campus. Juniors view it in a different light. To them it means another chance to succeed at Lincoln. Seniors perceive it as the final stepping stone to a somewhat new life. Lincoln means new faces, long halls and thousands of stairs. It means noon hours with daily trips to Late’s and students studying under the trees. Laughter in the halls, hum of voices, bells, slamming of lockers, and cheering at games are but a few of the sounds heard at Lincoln.

Hard work and many challenges are present at Lincoln. But meeting these challenges is worth it as many students will agree. Lincoln provides a chance for achievement in clubs, class offices and honors. It offers a chance to succeed if one makes the effort.

This is what Lincoln means to most students. While it is only a small part of our education and training, what we have accomplished at Lincoln will have a definite effect on our future.

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Lincoln shining tower
of learning

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Lincoln High Class of 62 held their 50th class reunion in 2012. Check out the Photo gallery Page.