Purple Heart Recipient Submission Requirements

I'm sorry, due to the many wannbe recipients, I have been forced to require proof. Proof will only be accepted in the form of the recipeint's DD-214 or discharge papers. You can either e-mail a scanned copy or send a photocopy {DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS} to the following address:

Scanned E-mail Copy

Note: Due to someone sending me a virus, I will only accept the following file formats: .BMP, .GIF, or .JPG / Any other format will have to be snail mailed in a printed paper form.

When sending proof =Please= black out the social security number if it appears on the form. I do not need it, NOR do I want it to be visible. I ask this for your safety.

Also don't forget to go to the "submit the form" by clicking the link below. I have been receiving alot of proof but no form. I can't add the recipient without both items.

Click here to Fill Out the Required Form

If you are sending proof via snail mail to the address listed below, please include the name of the submitter so I can find your recipient to add them.

Snail Mailed Copy {U.S. Mail}

C/O Purple Heart Website
P. O. Box 284
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0284

Click here to Fill Out the Required Form

Discharge papers or DD-214 are not used for anything other then proof of receiving this medal. We are sorry to have to go to this route, but we felt we had to do this or shut down the database.

Thank you for your cooperation