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A personal thank you to everyone that has helped me along with this site, and all my other crazy ideas!


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About P.a.M.

Photographer for hire!


I am an eclectic photographer, taking pictures of anything that catches my eye. Be it indoors or out, still life or nature, if it turns my head, makes me look twice, or just catches my attention, I am likely to snap a photo. Though much of my work is close up (macro) of nature, flowers, and other tiny wonders, I will take pictures of just about anything. Check this out: Photos


You can hire me to take pictures of your favorite treasures, or your home for sale. Do you have a prize winning garden you would like recorded for posterity? Need photo proof of ownership for insurance, or would like photos of your upcoming event? Contact me!


I also Love Digital Imaging, Photographic art, and designing backgrounds for various uses. The background on this page is my own design, adapted from a photo. All of my backgrounds are from photos. Ask to see some examples.


If you would like to be on my mailing list, please just click here and send from the email addy you would like me to use. I do not share or sell emails. I will only email you with updates to this page and the sale site. It is not my intention to spam anyone so if you wish to be removed from m email list, just reply to a newsletter with cancel in the subject line.


Feel free to explore my site! Let me know if any links are broken. Ask questions. Submit book reviews, poetry, soap box items, or links. Give suggestions. Tell me you love it, or hate it (and why). I would love to hear from you!


A proud member of PhotoMission



Feel free to download it and send to any you know in the military!

Photo Gallery

Wallpapers available in wide screen and standard


















To put it simply, I will take pictures of just about anything you are willing to pay me to. I will NOT take pictures of anything illegal, no contraband, no drugs, nothing illegal! Got it? Good! I do not have a studio, my entire operation is portable. In most cases, I can cut a disk for you right there. Though in some cases that will not be possible. Either way, you do not have to pay any extra for the disc, it is included.


Special Treasures

Want to show off your favorite treasures? I can come take pictures of them either at your place or a scenic location. Be it a ring, or a motorcycle, a set of antique books, or that classic car you have restored… Order prints, and show it off!


Photo Records

Need a record of your valuables for insurance, or peace of mind? If you have valuable items or equipment in your home or business, I will come out and photograph them - including serial numbers and special markings if applicable. Then you will receive a disc (either on site or mailed, photos in .jpg format), and an easy to fill out form to keep track of your valuables. Note on jewelry, I recommend you have jewelry professionally appraised. Most appraisals come with photos included. If not, then I will be more than happy to take the pictures of that for you as well. I recommend you keep the disc and form in a safe secure place like a safety deposit box. It is a good idea to check with your insurance company to see how much they will cover without adding specific items to your policy. In many cases "valuables" are only covered up to about $2,600.00. If you have computers, jewelry, firearms, antiques, collectibles, or any other valuables worth more, ask your insurance agent about covering them separately.



Upcoming event? If you would like photos taken at your special event I would be happy to do so. Everything from kite fly-ins to store openings, sporting events to a fishing tournament; Just tell me what you want for pictures, and I will make every effort to come through for you.  I haven’t done weddings just yet. But if you are willing to hire me for yours, I will do my best to give you the photos your special day deserves.



Trying to sell your home? A car? I can help. Especially on line, a good picture will help sell your items; a great picture will help sell it for more! I would recommend only big ticket items for this service.


Photo Art

Want a unique and personal gift to give a loved one?  Email me a photo of the person and I will create a “painting” of them. The larger the file size is, the better, and I can only do a limited amount with a bad photo.  Or you can choose from my photos, and add a Bible verse, favorite quote, or any saying or poem you wish to it.  I also will paint about any photo… buildings pets, sunsets, etc…


Brochures, Pamphlets and Ads…

In the photo gallery you will see some ads that I did for a miniatures company. Those ads appeared in an on line magazine. Just tell me the parameters you need, and if I use your existing photos, you get a sneak peek before you owe any money. If you need photos, I will give you a package deal.









Treasures / Photo Records / Events /Sales

I will travel to your location to take photos (no illegal subject materials please) I charge by the hour.

With $50.00 + Mileage, you receive:

~ A cd of your photos, either on-site or sent later. Depending on number of photos and what you are looking for.

~ An hour to get the best possible photos.

~ Optional – a form you can fill out to catalog the photos. This is especially helpful if you are having photos taken for insurance, or proof of ownership.


I charge $35.00 for each additional hour, but will break it down to every quarter hour. ($8.75 per every 15 min.)



Photo Art

I will make your photo look like a painting, enlargeable to poster size in most cases.

~Please send several photos (digital or print) to me with some ideas as to what you are looking for.

~You can either elect to get a limited use copyrighted CD, or Prints. Ask for prices.

~All prints are on archive quality paper.


Brochures, Pamphlets and Ads…

$50.00 Per page.

You receive a CD with the work in ADOBE, and JPEG format.

First page half off if you need me to take the photos. (Prices for photography listed above)

I do not provide printing services for brochures or pamphlets.



About Me

Are you sure you want to know this? I am a unique individual, but, I’d have to be to put up with my husband! J Sorry dear, had to say it. I love my family dearly, though it doesn’t always show like it should. Obviously photography and art are two of my favorite hobbies. Shooting sports are high on my list as well. Target shooting with rifles and handgun, and sporting clays (soon adding trap) with my 12 gauge shotgun.  I also love designing and making quilts, flying kites, writing, swimming, hiking, drawing… soo many things, so little time. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but being a photographer will work till I decide J





Book Reviews


The opinions expressed in this section are those of the submitting writer and you can’t have them! You can, however, have your own opinions. You can agree or disagree if you want to. J  Nothing written here is meant to infringe on copyright rights of authors or publishers in any way. Two of the authors of books listed here have emailed me. That was such an honor. Thank you!





Until I have some submissions by others, my poems will go here, or maybe anonymous stuff I get through email. By posting poetry here, it is NOT my intention to contest any previously existing copyright. The original author will get credit for any and all works appearing on this web page if at all possible.

Violets are purple, Roses are blue

Poems go here, for you to view




Soap Box

The opinions expressed here are solely those of the person who wrote it. Just because I posted it does not mean I agree with it, all or in part. All it means is that I appreciate where the author is coming from or it is just a fine piece of writing.




Favorite Links

Spiritual outreach: Pacific Garden Mission


A Group of Christian Photographers: PhotoMission


A great singer, and friend: The Diva page


Stamping supplies and more: CowTown Stamps


Tabletop gaming models: DLD Productions


Painted Miniatures: Cool Mini or Not


Great guy, Great mini-painter: Dragonsreach


I love e-bay - on line auctions: e-bay


Let’s go fly a kite!: Wisconsin Kiters Club


A Live Internet Radio Station: Gemini Sounds Radio




If you see your link above or want me to add yours, with or without a blurb, let me know!


A fellow PhotoMission member:  Patty Brdar's Photos

Photos for sale and license: Israel "Scripture Pictures," Ireland "Irish Blessings," Scotland, Greece, Jordan/Petra, Egypt; also Hawaii and other U.S. states. Gift Certificates available! Reasonable prices. Browse or buy online.




Submission Rules

If you would like to submit a poem, book review, soap box item, or link, Just email it to me.


Submission rules:

-NO Pornographic materials

-NO Vulgar materials


Such submissions will be flatly refused. I reserve the right to refuse to put a submitted item on my site. I also reserve the right to change my mind on when and how accepted submissions will appear.



Thank You!

I want to say thank you first to my husband for putting up with the time and investment this venture has taken.



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